Firefox and recommended extensions

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Get Firefox!Firefox is an open source cross-platform web browser, which supports latest standards and is very secure. If you don't have it yet, you can download it for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and others from here for free.

Major features of Firefox include:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Built-in spell checker (many languages are supported)
  • Built-in search box with support for many different search engines
  • Speed
  • Download manager
  • Support for latest standards
  • Built-in RSS
  • Visual indication of HTTPS connections and other security features
  • Automatic updates

One of the strongest advantages of Firefox is the selection of extensions, created for it. It is extremely easy to create sophisticated and useful extension and plugins, you can browse and download many of them from Firefox add-ons site.

Recommended extensions

Here I want to list a few extensions I myself use on daily basis. They improve my browsing experience considerably, and I hope they will help you as well.

  • Adblock Plus allows you to get rid of all the annoying advertisements, including image banners, flash clips, most text blocks and so on. Browsing speed goes up, bandwidth usage - down, and your eyes are less distracted by irrelevant content
  • Forecastfox puts live weather forecasts in your Firefox status bar. Fully configurable and very intuitive, it's a must if you care about weather conditions.
  • Customize Google allows you, as the name implies, to customize many aspects of your interaction with Google services, including search, GMail, news groups and so on.
  • Live HTTP headers gives you full information about HTTP headers for the page you are looking at. This is very useful for web developers in certain circumstances
  • Tab Mix Plus allows you to configure many aspects of how tabs work in Firefox, making this already exceptionally handy feature even more useful.

Feel free to try out any of the mentioned extensions. You are welcome to comment on this list - propose your favorite ones for inclusion.

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