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Visual Studio 2017 and CMake

Microsoft is continuously improving its record with the open source community. First dumping massive chunks of .NET into github, then actually making very dedicated effort to clean it up and make it portable to Linux and Mac. Now comes another step, albeit smaller, in the same direction. Visual Studio 2017 will support CMake projects in a native way, without the need to generate .proj and .sln files first. This is great news, because it saves some effort for those working on cross-platform C++ products.

Cryptocurrency algo trading

The Internet is abuzz with the news about various crypto-currencies. From the old favourite BitCoin to the bold newcomers, such as Etherium and Ripple (not that new actually), lots of frantic trading and even more frenzied discussion is taking place. The new currencies are viewed as the end of era of the old money dominance over the finances of the world.

Zap all annoyances: images, colours, plugins, iframes etc

Many web sites' developers seem to think "the more the better" and clutter their pages with endless images, flashy colours, countless videos and flash animations. This is hugely distracting. For years I have been using a couple of buttons to zap these annoyances from this helpful page. And just now I realised I can combine a few of my favourite ones into one button. It removes images, hides iframes and plugins and makes the colour scheme black and white.

Heroku and django-bower

Heroku, a cloud solution for various application engines, supports django out of the box. It does a pretty good job of providing you with a deployment process which at one hand is relatively simple, and on the other hand allows them to control their resources.

Faster CSV parsing in Python with pandas

Recently I had to write a Python script which needed to parse large gzip-ed CSV files. First I reached for the standard csv module, which is quite straightforward to use. Unfortunately, it proved to be too slow. In fact, I gave up waiting for it to parse even a single file containing about 30 million rows! And my whole data set had more than 300 million rows altogether.

Creating Drupal theme based on boostrap and material design from Google

For quite some time I wanted to have a Drupal theme that would allow me to have a bootstrap based theme together with the look and feel as dictated by the Material Design principles from Google. Mainly because I like the way these two look and because I myself have very limited abilities in creating pretty user interfaces.

High system load with Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 in AWS

I have recently upgraded my Amazon cloud t2.micro instance from Ubuntu 15.04 to 15.10. And soon I noticed a very strange high load on the machine - constantly above 2.0, and without doing much. The apparent culprit seemed kswapd0 process. I tried various simple steps to reduce the load, but nothing seemed to work, mainly because, as I already mentioned, no heavy activity was supposed to be happening.