Google's Inbox

Earlier I wrote about issues with the new offer from Google - the "Inbox" mail service. Recently Google released updates for its Inbox web and Android clients. As a result, it works almost perfectly. In particular:

  • Web interface works in Firefox as well as Chrome now. It looks much slicker than the old GMail, but I'm yet to be convinced it's more productive. This is quite different from Android, where Inbox is a clear winner in terms of productivity
  • The 2-step authentication issues I reported earlier proved to have nothing to do with Inbox per se and were resolved independently
  • Inbox on Android now allows per-account notification configuration, including sound

I did notice the following unfortunate issue with Android Inbox - for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to attach a file to an email. This is quite annoying and something Google should address as soon as possible.

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