Muting conversation threads in Google's new Inbox

I wrote earlier regarding the new product from Google - the Google Inbox. GI is still work in progress, so some features present in the familiar GMail are absent or broken. I counted the "mute" functionality among them, because there was no obvious menu for it. Mute allows you to ignore conversations, which you don't particularly care about. This can be very useful when you are subscribed to various mailing lists. Sometimes discussions take on their own lives and/or degenerate into something unrelated to you personal interests. So, instead of suffering the incessant stream of boring emails, you could "mute" the conversation and never see it again.

As it turns out, mute is actually supported by Google Inbox after all. In order to mute a conversation, all you need to do in the mobile interface is to press and hold the "Done" button (currently shaped as a sort of V in the action bar). The app then asks you whether you really want to mute the conversation. This is when you gladly hit yes and you are done. Hallelujah!


Dude! You are a life saver!!
Thank you very much!

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