The worst broadband in the UK - Tiscali (now TalkTalk)

I have been using Tiscali (now TalkTalk) broadband services for more than 4 months. At the beginning everything was fine - I even was quite pleased with them, since they promised to connect me within 10 business days, but in fact I was on the Internet after just one week.


Канари Ворф - встречи по пятницам

[Пятница - Сотрудники всех офисов - объединяйтесь!]Здесь периодически будет публиковаться информация о встречах в районе Канари Ворф, Докландс (Canary Wharf, Docklands).


Что? Встречи русскоязычных работников финансовых и прочих компаний, расположенных в Канари Ворф, а так же всех сочувствующих.

Где? London, Carary Wharf, паб City Pride (карта), адрес: 15 Westferry Road, London, E14 8JH.

Когда? По пятницам, начиная с 18:00, (календарь встреч - можно подписаться или добавить в Аутлук)

Bank of England - 5.5 rate possible

The chances for another interest rate rise this month are not very high, but still possible, according to Reuters. The house prices are growing, and even if we are spared this month, before the end of the summer the interest will almost definitely go up. It is hard to say whether this will actually cause the prices to go down - the rate has already been increased a few times, but it seems to have very little effect on the market.