I am a seasoned software designer, developer and consultant. In business since 1998. Having worked for many years in public and private sectors in different countries, I have gained deep understanding of various approaches to software development processes. Exposure to multiple cultures, work with demanding clients in fast paced environments developed my communication and business skills. My approach is result-oriented, constructive and pragmatic.

My long term goal is to work remotely writing software for clients located anywhere in the world. Take a look at my CV to see my past experience in detail. In short, I have vast knowedge of backend development (C++/Java+Scala/Python/C#) in finance and general areas, loads of web development experience (Java/DJango/JavaScript), some GUI (C#/Java) and Android (Scala/Java), GIS development (ArcIMS). Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.

Japan: is electronics industry dying?

A recent article on BBC cites an interview with the former Sony executive whines, that the Japanese industry is losing to competition, mainly from US. But reading into the article further reveals, that the main victim of the battle between Sony, Apple and Microsoft is actually the executive himself, who apparently didn'


Антони Блеэр

Когда в английской прессе разгорался скандал вокруг иракской войны (а было это после того, как коалиции не удалось найти так называемое оружие массового уничтожения, будто старый добрый Калашников - это детский совочек, и им нельзя перебить несколько миллионов), и премьер министр ея Величества Великобритании и Северной Ирландии Тони Блеэр участвовал во всевозможных телешоу, призваных убедить всех в его первозданной и непоруганной белизне и пушистости, стало модным со стороны отдельных его сограждан называть его Истинным Именем.