Lately I am getting lots of spam comments to my blog entries, mainly concerned with pornographic sites or anti-impotence drugs sale. This is really annoying, and although my comments are not published automatically, but are rather stored in approval queue, it wastes more and more of my time to go through it and delete all of them.

A valid option would be to use a captcha module for Drupal. I tried it, but it obviously has some bugs, which prevents even humans from posting, so it is not really useful.


MS Outlook: cleaning the list of recently used addresses

Those of you who use Microsoft Outlook know about its address auto-completion functionality. You type a few letters into the address field and Outlook presents you with a list of possible completions. The list includes those recipients, to whom you sent e-mails recently. The problems start when an address is no longer relevant, either because the person has got a new one, or you don't write him/her many letters any more.

Google apps for your domain

I have recently registered with Google apps for your domain. I was surprised with the speed by which they processed my application and gave me a go ahead.

So now I can create e-mail users in my own domain and have a full-fledged web interface - and all for free! Addresses are something like or any number of other e-mail addresses I can think about - for any purpose, including spam filtering and mail sorting.