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Citiviki is a non-commercial informal organization of Russian-speaking people working in the United Kingdom, mainly in London, in financial sector. It includes traders, solicitors, stock analytics, journalists, auditors, IT workers and others. It doesn't have a formal agenda aside from networking, helping each other and having fun together. Events are held regularly around the City of London. More information can be found on the web site of Ситивики (in Russian).


Another pint please!

If we want to be more environmentally friendly, we should consider reusing our glasses in pubs. When you order the same type of beer/wine/whatever, there is no need to use another container for your drink - simply handle over the empty one to the bartender and ask him/her to refill. This will save quite a lot of resources, wasted on dish washing, and your health won't be compromised.


Канари Ворф - встречи по пятницам

[Пятница - Сотрудники всех офисов - объединяйтесь!]Здесь периодически будет публиковаться информация о встречах в районе Канари Ворф, Докландс (Canary Wharf, Docklands).


Что? Встречи русскоязычных работников финансовых и прочих компаний, расположенных в Канари Ворф, а так же всех сочувствующих.

Где? London, Carary Wharf, паб City Pride (карта), адрес: 15 Westferry Road, London, E14 8JH.

Когда? По пятницам, начиная с 18:00, (календарь встреч - можно подписаться или добавить в Аутлук)


Want a tip from an insider?

Once I read about a rather unusual fraud scheme. In essence, some 1000 random people would receive letters, 500 of which claimed, that stock A would go up, and the other 500 that it would go down during the next NY Stock Exchange trading day - all based on their new ground braking prediction models or insider information. Well, it is not hard to realize, that at least half of the predictions were correct!



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