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I am quite surprised by the fact, that I have not received yet a single spam letter, despite the fact, that my e-mail account appears on every page and is not protected by any kind of fancy JavaScript. The only explanation I can think of is that my site is still too young and the spam crawlers simply haven't discovered it yet. A lot of spam to come in the future, probably.


EU: no borders?

According to an article on BBC, the EU Commission plans to increase competition by introducing international telecom regulator and removing limitations, imposed on foreign companies by national legislation.

In general, it seems like a great idea, and goes in line with previous steps taken by the Commission in order to reduce roaming charges in EU.

Yachts of the rich men

It is not uncommon for the richest people in the world to present themselves with luxury yachts. Billionares, such as Paul Allen, Roman Abramovich, many of the Saudi royal family, are all quite keen of long and well-equipped marine vehicles. These yachts are large and self-contained, providing all the services one can find in a modern house, but wherever his or her owner desires to travel.

Iran and oil

I was quite surprised to learn that Iran is actually importing almost half of its petroleum. This is despite the fact, that the country is one of the largest oil producers in the world. Also, the price is heavily subsidized - a liter would cost you around 5 pence! However, they are about to cut the import and start imposing limits for consumption, according to this article from BBC.

Firefox spellchecker

I was quite impressed by the spellchecking features of Konqueror - the KDE web browser. It highlights misspelled words as you type in web forms. Luckily, there is an extension for Firefox, which gives you similar functionality. SpellBound works for Windows and Linux builds of Firefox. Multiple languages, including English, Russian, German and so on are supported. The version, found on the main site, actually doesn't support on the fly spellchecking, but if you download the latest development version, it will do it happily.


Flash 8 for Linux

It looks like there is no Flash player ver. 8 for Linux. The only information, available on the Internet on this issue is a blog entry by some developer from Macromedia, who claimed in December last year that version 8.0 would be skipped and 8.5 released for all platforms. Nothing happened since then.

The problem with Flash 7 is that Google Analytics are not displayed properly with it - all t



I am quite disappointed with the knowledge demonstrated by wannabe C++ programmers today. Hardly anyone knows what #x and x##y preprocessor directives do, and only few can explain the danger in preprocessor macros with parameters. If the things keep going this way, in 5 years no one will know what extern "C" means.



For testing purposes a colleague of mine selected an LSE stock at random. The lucky winner was CRT.L - Chariot Plc, the new lottery runner, which failed miserably during the first public sale of its tickets. Having the luxury of Reuters feed on my workstation, I could easily check, that the new threat to Camelot started around 180 pence per share when they had their IPO in February, but today it

Bottoms up!

Working in financial sector in the UK definitely requires a strong liver, since visiting a pub is one of the most popular forms of socializing. It is made only worse by the fact, that quite often the drinks are sponsored by the company. When beer is free it is much harder to say no. And on the other hand you need to watch your tongue, since your boss might be sitting next to you and you don't w