HTC HD2 (Leo) smartphone can run Android!

During the last day of 2010 news has leaked about a substantial breakthrough in the world of hacking. The quite famous and popular smartphone HTC HD2, also known as Leo, was hacked to run Android 2.2 and 2.3. Originally the phone comes with Windows Mobile 6.3 preinstalled. One needs a lot of space in order to describe all of this OS' shortcomings in the areas of stability, performance, user interface and productivity. However the hardware itself is amazingly good and at par with latest phones from the same and other manufactures. The community felt, that it was a great waste not to utilize it properly. The latest achievement allows HTC HD2 owners to replace the Microsoft's OS with Google's one. The actual process is a bit convoluted, but there are lots of very detailed, step by step guides on the Internet, including all the necessary links and even demonstration videos. I suggest you give it a go if you happen to own an HTC HD2 phone.

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