WPF DataGrid row validation

WPF is a very powerful framework for GUI development. Among other things, it contains a unified approach to user input validation. Adding validation in WPF is very straightforward in most cases. However, validating DataGrid rows is slightly challenging. However, the good people of the world has already taken care of the problem and provided quite detailed walk-throughs. I recommend reading this interesting article (WPF DataGrid Practical Examples) about WPF DataGrid. Among other things, it describes how to perform row validation using the standard IDataErrorInfo interface.



Best implementation of wpf extended datagrid can be found here WPF Extended DataGrid

Project Description

This is extended version of WPF toolkit DataGrid control.

This grid has features like

1:Column Choosers.
2:AutoFilter Control.
3:Export To Excel Feature.
4:Copy Paste To Excel and Copy Paste From Excel 5:To DataGrid.
6:Three State Sorting.
7:Displaying Sort Order If Multiple Sort is done

Looking at the project page, one can see that it is pretty new, at least as far as CodePlex is concerned. With breathtaking 21 downloads and not a single screenshot or discussion message, one wonders, how much usage has it had. If the author of the original comment is interested in promoting the product, better documentation would provide more useful, then claims such as the "best implementation".

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