Picasa sucks - AcdSee rules!

I have just installed AcdSee - and I can tell you it is way better than Google's Picasa. Starting with the simple thing - full screen viewing, and down to the proper interface and all the rest. Picasa looks like a quick hack compared to the slick and polished feeling, provided by AcdSee, and the functionality of the later is very good as well. It will take me some time to get used to it, but I


UK: property market seems to be booming

[BBC: estate agent property window] Despite high prices and rising interest rates, recent figures from mortgage lenders show that the property market is acutally booming, writes BBC. I personally find it hard to explain, taking into account the fact, that the affordability levels are falling throughout the country, and especially in large towns, and the first time buyers often require parents' help to get on the so called property ladder.