Gnucash 2.0 out!

After many years of development, GnuCash - the open source personal and small business money management application, has moved to version 2.0. This is essentially a port go gtk2/Gnome2, and will hopefully, run on Windows as well, given true cross-platform open source and high quality tool for everyone.

I used GnuCash for many years and find


VAT wonders - legal and not

If you pay by a credit or debit card in one of the stores, belonging to large chains like Sainsbury's, Tesco and so on, you can see on their receipts a disclaimer, stating something like "2.5% of total due is paid to Big-Name Cards Processing Ltd. to cover the transaction costs. This does not affect the total amount paid by you".


Skype hacked?

According to this blog, some Chinese engineers claim, that they managed to reverse-engineer the protocol, used in Skype VoIP products. They are also said to be developing an example application implementing the protocol, which will be able to communicate with other Skype clients.