FPGA - extreme computation performance for finance


High performance computing in financial and other industries is constantly challenged by growing demand for faster results and larger volumes of data to process. FPGA - specially designed hardware units - through their ability to execute complex tasks in parallel - can substantially increase the throughput of systems and reduce data centre load. For many popular tasks a couple of machines with FPGAs on-board can replace a cluster of 50+ nodes.

Picasa sucks - AcdSee rules!

I have just installed AcdSee - and I can tell you it is way better than Google's Picasa. Starting with the simple thing - full screen viewing, and down to the proper interface and all the rest. Picasa looks like a quick hack compared to the slick and polished feeling, provided by AcdSee, and the functionality of the later is very good as well. It will take me some time to get used to it, but I


Microsoft program removal tool - remove even hidden applications

Sometimes Microsoft likes to hide installed applications from you in the "Add or Remove programs", especially when you play with their beta products. It can be very frustrating and can lead to unstable system. In that case, use a removal tool from, well, Microsoft. Works for various versions of Windows, including XP and Windows 7.


MS Outlook: cleaning the list of recently used addresses

Those of you who use Microsoft Outlook know about its address auto-completion functionality. You type a few letters into the address field and Outlook presents you with a list of possible completions. The list includes those recipients, to whom you sent e-mails recently. The problems start when an address is no longer relevant, either because the person has got a new one, or you don't write him/her many letters any more.