Drupal shortcomings

I really like Drupal - the open source community and blogging software. But their alphabetic sorting drives me nuts - is it so complicated to create proper manual ordering? They have something called "weights", which can be assigned to items in a list, but this is really not convenient, especially when lists change frequently or are long.



Gnucash 2.0 out!

After many years of development, GnuCash - the open source personal and small business money management application, has moved to version 2.0. This is essentially a port go gtk2/Gnome2, and will hopefully, run on Windows as well, given true cross-platform open source and high quality tool for everyone.

I used GnuCash for many years and find


Firefox spellchecker

I was quite impressed by the spellchecking features of Konqueror - the KDE web browser. It highlights misspelled words as you type in web forms. Luckily, there is an extension for Firefox, which gives you similar functionality. SpellBound works for Windows and Linux builds of Firefox. Multiple languages, including English, Russian, German and so on are supported. The version, found on the main site, actually doesn't support on the fly spellchecking, but if you download the latest development version, it will do it happily.


Flash 8 for Linux

It looks like there is no Flash player ver. 8 for Linux. The only information, available on the Internet on this issue is a blog entry by some developer from Macromedia, who claimed in December last year that version 8.0 would be skipped and 8.5 released for all platforms. Nothing happened since then.

The problem with Flash 7 is that Google Analytics are not displayed properly with it - all t