Citiviki is a non-commercial informal organization of Russian-speaking people working in the United Kingdom, mainly in London, in financial sector. It includes traders, solicitors, stock analytics, journalists, auditors, IT workers and others. It doesn't have a formal agenda aside from networking, helping each other and having fun together. Events are held regularly around the City of London. More information can be found on the web site of Ситивики (in Russian).

Bank of England - 5.5 rate possible

The chances for another interest rate rise this month are not very high, but still possible, according to Reuters. The house prices are growing, and even if we are spared this month, before the end of the summer the interest will almost definitely go up. It is hard to say whether this will actually cause the prices to go down - the rate has already been increased a few times, but it seems to have very little effect on the market.


Budget 2007 - full speech

If you are really interested, here is the full 2007 budget speech, given by Gordon Brown on 21st of March 2007

In this my eleventh Budget, my report to the country is of rising employment and rising investment; continuing low inflation, and low interest and mortgage rates; and this is a Budget to expand prosperity and fairness for Britain's families - and it is built on the foundation of the longest period of economic stability and sustained growth in our country's history.


Gordon Brown - 2007 budget speech

Lord Chancellor has delivered his new budget speech for 2007. Surprisingly for many, he promised some tax cuts for businesses and individuals alike. Not surprisingly, most of the money will be recovered from the tax payer using new taxes and elimination of existing allowances. All in all, according to most comments, the speech is more about politics and much less about UK economy.